When can a child be sent off-site for education?

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When can a child be sent off-site for education?

Under section 29A Education Act 2002 governing bodies including Local Authorities of maintained schools can direct a pupil off-site for education to improve the pupil's behaviour.

In this situation what the body must do:

  1. Ensure that parents are given clear information about the placement –

  2. why, when, where and how it will be reviewed;

  3. advise the Local Authority, where the child has a Statement of SEN or EHCP;

  4. regularly review the placement (with regular input from parents), to ensure it is achieving its objectives and the pupil is benefitting from it.

  5. Parents can request, in writing, that the placement is reviewed and governing bodies must comply with the request as soon as is reasonably practicable, unless there has been a review in the last 10 weeks.

Local Authority should have a plan for reintegrating a child into mainstream schooling at the end of the placement off-site.

A report should be produced of the pupil’s achievements, attainment and progress as well as attendance.

Note: Section 29A does not apply to academies, although the academy may have a power to direct off-site under its own terms. Academies can follow section 29A as a matter of good practice.

A child can also be sent to another site for education under a managed move