Our EOTAS. Education Centres provide educational provision for schools, commissioners and pupils in the towns we serve.

Providing flexible live interactive teaching. Bringing quality education to vulnerable learners.

Here at the EOTAS our centres serve learners who cannot or will not attend mainstream education due to a range of conditions. Including medical and other health issues.

Our EOATAS centres provides the educational support for pupils and students who need it most.

How Education Other than at School Works:

Flexibility and quality of educational provision are key to schools and local authorities when they consider providers in the towns we serve. We are regularly adding our Education Other Than School Centres with our partners BYT.

EOTAS.Education provides the quality and the focus needed for schools, local authorities and stake holders. Regularly delivering EHC Plans through alternative provision across the need range.

Reaching and reporting learning goals and attainment throughout the pupil enrolment.

The Flexibility of EOTAS brings value for money for all state holders.

Our expertise

EOTAS. Education along with the wider BYT group has over 10 years of providing both alternative provision and education Other Than At School at our centres.

Our deep expertise and specialist teachers with SEN qualifications deliver lessons with an exceptionally small number of students in each class. Rarely reaching more than 4. Our wonderfully bright, light and open centres are easily accessible and as open as possible. We strive to provide the best environment for our pupils.

+10Years of alternative provision both online and offline

700Pupils a year either educational support or alternative online provision

45Local authorities supported

Pupils EOTAS Support

EOTAS along with BYT work with over 1,500 pupils each year with a range of needs. Here are just some of the needs we meet:

Anxiety Disorders
Can be a long-term school refusal by students. EOTAS Education alternative provision fills the gap.
Behavioural challenges
EOTAS works with schools and local authorities providing exclude children learning solutions from day 1 of exclusion. We work with PRUs, independent learning providers and location authorities from temporary to full time exclusion.
School Refusers
The Increasing number of pupils who refuse going into school for a wide range of reasons. Increasingly includes bullying victims and complex medical condition.
Medical Needs
Our flexibility is at our core. Providing short to long term learning delivery to ensure students continue their learning. In spite of any health issues and where they are.
Young people in care
EOTAS works with the virtual school provider throughout boroughs. Providing continuality at a time of often fast changing periods.
Teenage Mothers
We work at every stage of pregnancy and beyond as they begin parenthood.